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Are you using an air conditioning system that is always breaking and making your electricity bill too high? Is not it cooling like it used to? Is your unit 10 years or older?

These would be some signs that your existing system might need to be replaced.

A/C TROPICAL. can help you benefit from a new high efficiency heating and air conditioning system (SEER).

With a high efficiency air conditioning system, you can enjoy energy savings, better air conditioning quality and a comfortable indoor temperature. In fact, the US Department of Energy estimates that, by switching to a more efficient air conditioning system, you can reduce approximately the energy consumption by up to 50% and this would be reflected in a considerable saving for your bank account.

By installing or replacing a new Residential Air Conditioning Unit, A/C Tropical offers a 10-year warranty on damaged parts of both the indoor unit (air handler) of your home, and the outdoor unit (condenser) and 1st year Labor will be totally free.

If you are not sure about the best route to take with regard to your new air conditioning system, A/C TROPICAL. is here to help you and answer all your questions.

Our Equipment:

. High efficiency, silent equipment that provides thermal and acoustic insulation for the comfort of your home.

. Equipment built with Advanced Technology that offers lasting and reliable performance.

. With a new high efficiency equipment, you will enjoy a perfect balance between maximum efficiency and energy saving.

. Variable speed motors with energy efficiency help reduce utility bills.

. Aluminum Coil designed for greater efficient heat transfer and durable performance, resistant to corrosion due to oxidation, reduce gas leaks and improve the overall resistance of your Air Conditioning so you can rely on its performance.

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